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Window-Hugging Genshin Impact Plush Pillows – 23cm of Anime Cheer!

Window-Hugging Genshin Impact Plush Pillows – 23cm of Anime Cheer!

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Your Adventure, on Display!

Elevate your Genshin Impact experience with our unique Window-Hugging Plush Pillows. Each 23cm character plush comes with a cleverly designed string and suction cup, allowing you to stick your favorite characters to windows or any smooth surface, bringing the vibrant world of Teyvat right into your room.

Interactive and Immersive

  • Playful Display: Equipped with a suction cup, these plush pillows can adorn windows, creating a lively scene of Genshin Impact characters that seem to float mid-adventure.
  • Touch of Fantasy: Crafted to capture the essence of the beloved game, each plush features the bright colors and detailed designs of the Genshin Impact universe.
  • Cuddly and Convenient: Made with soft materials and the perfect size for a cozy cuddle, they're also ready to be displayed in unique spots around your space.

A View with a Character

  • Versatile Decoration: Beyond the window, hang them from mirrors, car windows, or any spot that could use a dash of animated charm.
  • Perfect Companion: Not just a plush, but a companion that keeps watch over your daily quests and travels with you as a visible sidekick on road trips and commutes.

Product Details

  • Item: 1 Genshin Impact Plush Pillow with Window Sucker (sold individually)
  • Material: Soft Plush Fabric with a Sturdy Suction Cup
  • Size: 23cm / 9 inches
  • Characters: Select from a range of Genshin Impact favorites

Who This Is For

These Window-Hugging Plush Pillows are for the Genshin Impact warriors who want to showcase their fandom. Ideal for gamers, collectors, and anyone who loves to personalize their space with a touch of gaming glee. Whether you’re decorating your bedroom or personalizing your car, these plushies are sure to cast a spell of charm wherever they’re displayed!

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