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Enchanted Bunny Surprise: Mystery Egg Keychains

Enchanted Bunny Surprise: Mystery Egg Keychains

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Embrace the whimsy of discovery with our "Enchanted Bunny Surprise" Mystery Egg Keychains! Inside each vibrantly hued plastic egg lies a snuggly secret—a charming plush bunny waiting to leap into your life.

Choose Your Adventure
- Single Egg Surprise: One egg, one delightful bunny companion.
- Triple Treat: A trio of eggs, each with its own cuddly bunny.
- Quintuple Quest: A bounty of five eggs for the ultimate surprise collection.

- Diverse Egg Colors: Every egg is a burst of color, bringing joy before it's even opened.
- Cuddly Plush Bunnies: Discover a variety of 4.5” soft, plush bunnies, each with its own personality.
- Clip-On Convenience: The sturdy keychain design allows you to take your bunny pals on all your travels.

Product Details
- Perfect For: Seasonal celebrations, classroom rewards, and collectors of cute.
- Composition: High-quality plastic eggs with ultra-soft plush bunnies.
- Size: Plastic eggs measure 3.2” with an assortment of 4.5” bunnies inside.

Collect Them All
Whether you're a fan of the thrill of a single surprise or a treasure trove of bunny buddies, there's an option for you. Ideal for sharing with friends, decorating for a festive season, or gifting to that special someone.

Order Now for a Bunny Bonanza!
Select your desired set and prepare for a heartwarming surprise. Which bunny will hop its way into your heart? There's only one way to find out! 

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