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Temu - Lu Wei

Genshin Impact Acrylic Keychains – Chibi Companions Unleashed!

Genshin Impact Acrylic Keychains – Chibi Companions Unleashed!

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Carry the Courage of Teyvat!

Adventure is just a keyring away with our collection of Genshin Impact Chibi Acrylic Keychains. Measuring approximately 5 cm (2 inches) tall, these miniature champions from the beloved game are rendered in an irresistibly cute chibi form. Select from Klee, Paimon, Diluc, Venti, Qiqi, Eula, or Lumine to accompany you on your real-world quests.

Miniature Might, Maximum Charm

  • Chibi Power: Showcasing the spirited personalities of Genshin Impact's finest, these keychains are designed to bring joy and a sense of adventure to your everyday.
  • Lasting Adventure Companion: Crafted from sturdy acrylic, these keychains resist the wear and tear of daily travels and battles.
  • Vibrant Visuals: Each character is depicted in rich color and detail, perfect for declaring your allegiance to your Genshin main or favorite character.

Collectible and Convenient

  • Epic Ensemble: With an array of characters to choose from, these keychains allow you to carry a piece of the Genshin universe wherever you go.
  • Versatile Vanguard: Easily clip them onto any bag, purse, or set of keys, and transform your gear into a display of your Genshin pride.

Treasures from Teyvat

  • Fan Favorite Flair: Ideal for the dedicated Genshin Impact player or anyone who appreciates the artistry of anime-inspired accessories.
  • Gifts from the Greats: Perfect for birthdays, game celebrations, or as a thoughtful gift to a fellow traveler on their journey through life.

Product Details

  • Item: 1 Genshin Impact Chibi Acrylic Keychain (sold separately)
  • Material: Durable Acrylic
  • Size: Approximately 8 cm / 3.15 inches in height
  • Characters: Choose from Klee, Paimon, Diluc, Venti, Qiqi, Eula, Lumine

Who This Is For

These Genshin Impact Chibi Keychains are for the explorers at heart, the in-game champions, and those who seek to infuse their daily lives with a touch of magic and camaraderie. Whether used as a keychain, a bag charm, or a collectible, these tiny titans of Teyvat are your perfect companions. Gather your crew and let the elemental powers guide your way!

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