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One Piece Chopper & Luffy Pillow Plush Collection - Character Pillows

One Piece Chopper & Luffy Pillow Plush Collection - Character Pillows

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Embark on an adventure across the high seas with our exclusive One Piece Chopper & Luffy Plush Collection! Measuring 25cm (10 inches) in height (standing), these plush pillows capture the heart of the One Piece saga through the beloved character Tony Tony Chopper dressed as different crew members, plus the indomitable Monkey D. Luffy.

Select Your Straw Hat

  • Sanji Chopper: The little reindeer dressed as the Straw Hat's cook.
  • Law Chopper: Chopper's tribute to the cool-headed surgeon.
  • Luffy Chopper: Chopper impersonating the captain's classic look.
  • Ace Chopper: A plush tribute to Luffy's adventurous brother.
  • Buggy Chopper: Chopper styled as the hilarious pirate clown.
  • Sabo Chopper: Freedom and cuteness combined.
  • Pre Time Skip Chopper: The original young doctor.
  • Post Time Skip Chopper: Older, wiser, but equally endearing.
  • Monkey D. Luffy: The fearless Pirate King hopeful himself.
  • Red Chopper: Chopper dons a cheerful red outfit, ready for action.
  • Blue Chopper: A plush in tranquil blue, evoking the vast sea.

Each of these plush pillows is crafted with soft, huggable fabric, perfect for snuggling up with during your anime binge-watching sessions or displaying proudly as part of your One Piece collection.

Why Choose Just One? Whether you're a fan of the Straw Hat Pirates' doctor or the legendary aspiring Pirate King, these plush pillows let you show off your love for One Piece in a big, soft way. Collect your favorite characters, or bring the whole crew aboard for a complete set!

Gift the spirit of One Piece to a fellow fan, or treat yourself to a Chopper or Luffy plush pillow. Ideal for birthdays, holidays, or just because you need a loyal companion for your next viewing party or reading session.

Ready to set sail? Add these plush companions to your cart and turn your room into a One Piece sanctuary! 

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